Append Range Data getting duplicated

I am trying to extract data but the data is getting duplicated in Append Range Data

Hi @Mohit_Jain

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There can be two scenarios here.

  1. Excel already has the data you are trying to insert
  2. The datatable already has duplicated values

For scenario one
Read the excel and combine with the data table you are trying to insert, and then use a remove duplicates in data table activity to remove duplicate records. The do a write range to write all the records both existing and new

For scenario two
Use a remove duplicates in datatable activity before appending the datatable to the excel

Hope it helps


I think i am unable to explain, Can we connect over a screenshare ?

This is what i am doing as of now:
Open Browser → Excel Application Scope → Do Read Range → Read Range → For Each Row → Body → Write Line → Data Scraping → Append to CSV.