Append Range after multiple scrapings

Hi all.
Test.xaml (55,6 KB)

in this flow, I have to get inside every
“timesheet” of the present list (link on webpage), and collect some details inside each.

The results must be written in a single new sheet, to create a new table that I will have to use later.

This is the list collected on the first page.
(the list of timesheets to enter)
ExCoupa1.xlsx (8,9 KB)

In this second file, on Sheet1 the result of the scraping.
In sheet2, I only lined up the data I need for scraping,
for the collected Timesheet.
TimeSheetDetail.xlsx (24,6 KB)

I would like to create a new table that writes all the elements collected, in a single table.

The list of all the Timesheets, and their scrapings one below the other.

At the moment, the flow correctly writes the first two columns,
but the results of the scrapings are repeated cyclically and not added from time to time.

Can help me with this?