Append range adding all rows every time

Hi EveryOne,

i am trying append each row in DT but every time append range appending all the previous row too, why ?

i am using in this way

just ignore the errors


By using above i am getting OutPut in this way

i need output in this way


what are the changes i need to do in this to append every time single row not multiple rows.

Thank you!!!

Hi @victoryv4569

Can you share your workflow so that i can help you out solving the error. What is being written in Write Range Workbook??


HI @Parvathy

here is .xaml

Sequence2.xaml (20.9 KB)

i want output in this way
Output - Copy.xlsx (8.7 KB)

i am getting like this
Output.xlsx (6.2 KB)

Thank you!!!

Hi @victoryv4569

You can simply try below, No need to use Append Range activity


Output.xlsx (6.1 KB)



What are you wring before adding row?

Also before add data row try to use clear datatable if there is data and then add new data and use append