Append multiple Data Tables in to an existing Excel file starting from a specific column

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I need to be able to append multiple data tables into a single excel file, however, it needs to start from a specific column, for example B2, after the first dt is appended, it should keep appending the rest DataTables into Column B, how could I achieve this?

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Please try with append range which would append the data in the excel…

So for the first table use write range and form the second you can use append range


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Hi @Sidney_Vogel ,

If all the data tables follow the same data structure(at least same number of columns), I would suggest to merge the data tables first using Merge Data Table activity and then write to a specific cell using Write Range.

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Hi @Balaji_Murugan, your solution worked perfectly, thank you very much for the information and help :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information @Anil_G, I appreciate your help.

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