Append Line: Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'resource')

Append Line: Value cannot be null. (Parameter ‘resource’)

while i trigger test set/ test schedule using orchestrator on lab machine

on local machine the script works fine


Do you use File property of AppendLine? Probably the variable which is set at File property is null.
Can you check if the file exists? If you set relative path, it will be under c:\Users\[username]\.nuget\[PackgeName]\[Version]\... when triggered it from OC or Assistant. Please use absolute path if necessary.



had used File name property, the value is also passed , also the line is appended to the file which appends the same exception value cannot be null parameter resource .

file also exist. had used absolute path

also on local machine the script executes successfully


Can you show which path you used?




first thing this is not a file path

and second on target machine you have this value?

and you hardcoded the path?