Append information to Queue item without changing the Transaction Status

I am working within the REFramework and trying to append an id code extracted in order for human validation if reuqired.

I have only been able to find the way to do this in the Set Transaction Status activity, which also requires me to set the transaction status to successful or failure, neither of which are desired at that point in the process.

Is there a way to append output data to a transaction item without changing the status, or will I need to have the extracted data be taken to the top layer and added at the end for each queue item?

Hi @LewisHenderson,

as i know there is currently no possibility to update the information in a queue item without changing the queue status as you said. I would like to see such a feature in future too :slight_smile:

Maybe for temporary workaround you have to modify your architecture to have multiple queues or queue items? So after getting the additional information for the queue item, complete the current one and create a new one with additional information.