Append datatable in Excel and keep base formatting of final Excel

I have two excel workbook and 1 sheet in each workbook. I am reading data from first excel(Excel1.xlsx attached) and appending data in last row of second excel(Excel2.xlsx output after processing is attached). I am using append range activity and this works fine for me

But problem here is after appending data in 2nd excel(Excel2.xlsx attached). i want to keep format as of already present data in second excel. My thought is that is it possible to use format painter of one row in second excel and paste this format in entire excel sheet. whether there is any activity or programming way to achieve this task?

As you can also see in Excel2.xlsx from Row5 to Row 14 it is not inheriting Row 1 to Row 4 format after appending using uipath. So how I can achieve this task in uipath in order to achieve base data format. Hope I am clear to you.

Thank you very much developers for your help
Excel1.xlsx (9.2 KB)
Excel2.xlsx (9.3 KB)
Note: Here Excel1 is input data sheet and I am appending Excel1 data to Excel2 with the help of uipath