Append data to datatable

Hi All,
The Bot needs to build a new datatable first “new_dt”…after than it will be receiving another datatable as an out argument i.e. “out_dt” …and data of this out_dt, the Bot needs to append to the “new_dt”…Bot should not add headers everytime to “new_dt” when it appends the out_dt data…
can anyone pls suggest the logic?

HI @Zara

You can Try with Merge Data Table activity


Hello @Zara , while using append activities, bot will not write the headers.

Does the Out_Dt was read by Bot at somewhere in the Flow?

merge will overwrite the old data present in ol_dt…i want bot to keep on appending data it receives from new_dt after every run

yeah…it is coming as an out argument from another invoked flow

@Zara , In read range activity inspect the property of “Add headers” checked or not. If not, enable it amd try the process.

so the steps should be like:
new_DT= new
out_dt will be coming as out arg.

read range of out_DT with headers and store it in out_dt
new_DT= out_DT.clone
append range ??..append range should be part for the second run…where should i put it in the flow?

Yes , Correct. initially you have to clone, next yo have to append data. Headers will not append in datatable.
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