Append data in a notepad and display in box

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I am working on a process in which bot goes in a foreach loop and after completing process for each item in the loop it fetches confirmation number and amount.
It can be 1 or several confirmation number and amount details fetched by the bot.After completing the for all the items i want to display them in the message box.
I have used GetText activity but after one iteration it will overwrite the details fetched after second iteration of the previous one.
how can it be done?

conf. number amount
1234 100.0
2345 100.0
3456 100.0

data is extracted from web based application

Hi @somya177 - Try to use StringVariable & Environment.NewLine & StringVariable in your message box

This append your text line by line and display it in message


i did that…but it is overwriting the previous values fetched of that particular account…i want to display previous details plus current details…

Show me your code. Regards,

@Lahiru.Fernando…can you please support in this also

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Hi @somya177

You can apply the logic I have here in this sample workflow file to yours to update the notepad without overwriting…

You might need to change it a bit to fit in to your case.

NotepadAutomation.xaml (8.9 KB)

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is it possible to put it into datatable?

Hi again,

Yes, it is possible to put it into a database. You can connect and query the database using Uipath.Database activities. The activities are easy and easy to follow. You can get it installed through Package Manager of UiPath Studio :slight_smile:


I don’t have datatabase connection.

If you are to insert it into a database, then you will need a working database connection to connect to it using the activities.

If that doesn’t seem like a feasible option, the next option would be to save the data in a excel file in the background…