Append data after the last non empty cells

I have a case where I need to append the data from one sheet to another, there are cases where the sheet has empty cells in between, please find below the screenshot


I have to append the data after “VWX” row and it should skip the empty cell in between. How is that possible? How appending can happen when we have an empty cell in between?

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Hi @Author_Community ,

What will be the Output now, if you try to Append the Data to the sheet?

Generally, It should append the Data after the Last Row. Do you get any other type of Output ?

Hello @Author_Community
you need to know the last index of Excel, for this you can read excel file and get last index of excel .
and then use that index into write range/append range activity to write excel

It some times copies the data in the empty cell. I am actually new and using the StudioX platform.

Can we read the range and store it in a data Table and append it from Count + 1. If yes, how do I do that?

Where do I have to write it in the Append the Count + 1 formula? I am new to UIPath, can you help me on this?

@Author_Community You can do this if you get the current rows count from the excel. If the rows count were greater than 0 then you can append the data, else write the data

Please find the sample workflow below (9.9 KB)

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