Append 'being used by another process'

Hi Guys,


Here’s the part of my workflow, before I am running an SQL query and ouputing to a data table, then appending it to a sheet in a template - although when I run, the file is ‘being used by another process’.

Not sure why, template is not open elsewhere, it is in a shared drive but noone has it open.

I have tried delay and try catch but still ‘being used’.

Any thoughts?

Merry Christmas

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instead of taking APPEND RANGE from WORKBOOK activities take that from EXCEL category so that we wont face this issue
that is search as EXCEL in activity panel and under that take APPEND RANGE
Cheers @Kyleb91

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I am an idiot, thanks @Palaniyappan :smiley:

no buddy
it happens… you are doing really good

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