App/Web Recorder Enter value (Plain Text ) unable to enter looks like it's timeout/greadout


I am using App/Web Recorder, when i try to select the entry field, Entery value showing but unable to enter it’s not allowing. Look like timeout…

Please help anyone with this fix.


Hi @rama_krishna_Rao

Instead of indicating the specific region in the search box, re indicate the whole search box in Google home page.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Note : In the Type into activity, select the Single option from the Click before option dropdown.

Hope it helps!!

Thanks Mahesh,

I tried but it’s woking , field not editable in text looks like timeout. May be we have to set time limit, i don’t know where we have to setup.

If you have idea please let me know


What error you are getting while execution… @rama_krishna_Rao

Unable to enter text if i am trying to immediately enter after one or two letters it’s a freeze field.