App Studio: How to open Application Page and pass to it external argument/parameter


We have a requirement to send a URL via email, and once the user clicks on the URL it should open a Page and certain parameters should be passed to the page to limit the data displayed in that page.
For example the Page should show Customer Order details, and I need to send a URL containing the Order number, once the Page opens it should display the Order details based on the Order Number sent.
We have already created the Page using App Studio but can’t figure out how to pass the Order Number while opening the page.
Note: We do not want the user to have the option to search using the Order number.

Any hints are highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

Any hints or tips ?

Thanks in Advance.

Hello @hgaber105 ,

Please use set external context features to pass your input as below

  1. Paste the production URL in your browser and add the following at the end: /?Firstname=John&Secondname=Doe. In the end, the URL should have the following syntax:

Please read below thread to solve your problems

I’ve created a new Application variable vExtEmpID as Text. I’ve added a Message box to display the value: "EmpID: " + vExtEmpID as a message once I click on a Button.

I’ve Published and Deployed the Application.
I copied the URL, and made sure the application is working fine.
Then I add the following to the URL: /?vExtEmpID=xxxxx
I tried the new URL but the message is not showing the value I passed; the variable is empty.


It seems there is something is missing here.

@Arvind_Kumar1 Any hints/tips highly appreciated.