App Studio: How to Copy a Page from Application to Another


Is it possible to copy a Page from one Application to another?
Is there a way to reuse the pages across applications?
For example if I build a login Page and I need to reuse it in many application.

Thanks in advance.

the best option for this matter would be building libraries.
see the following :
Creating Library in Uipath | RPA Uipath - YouTube

I’m not talking about activities. I’m referring to App Studio Pages.


Hi @hgaber105 ,
I think Yes you can

Thanks for your feedback. Would you please provide steps to do so.

Thanks, I will check the video for sure, I thought you have experience with the App Studio.
Thanks again for the video, I’m sure it is going to be helpful.



Copying pages might not be possible…

But you can duplicate the app and then add new pages or delete pages as needed


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@hgaber105 ,

Copying a page not possible to another apps. But there is a features coming where you can import and export a single page from one app to another apps.

This can solve your problem. Stay tuned for update.

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