App creation problems - please help

Dear users,

I’ve watched a lot of tutorials on UI path, and I don’t seem to figure out or find answers to some questions I have, so I’m asking you for some help understanding.

I would like to automate an excel sheet activity I’m doing constantly. I have a big template file with couple of sheets - on each sheet there are document names in one column and then document number in the other. Another excel file is usually generated automatically, and I need to open the template file each time to fill out the document number manually.
What I would like to do using UI Path is to created a process in which a user can submit the template file, and the program will automatically read in all columns from template sheet and the ‘‘need to be filled out’’ sheet and fill out the document number after matching the document names.

The problem is I’m really lost in the creation part. I’ve tried to open up a sequence with a part of excel application scope with the Read Column action but I’m already running into some problems

  1. You need to name the sheets so if a sheet is named differently it immediately busts an error ( can you do it differently, so the program will not need to have the sheet names?)
  2. If a sheet is missing I don’t seem to quite understand how to continue on an error. I’m aware that some functions have ContinueOnError attribute but this doesn’t seem to be the case in Read Column action.

Could anyone help me? Or propose a better way of doing this app? I’m quite lost, most of the tutorials on udemy I’ve spotted don’t quite answer my questions.

Thank you all in advance

Dear all,

Please help :frowning:


if i understand well, you want to merge different Excel files and fullfilled another one depending of a template right ?

Hi Mika :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s correct, I want to match the data from both excel files and fill the other one based on template.

Are you aware of datables ? and how you can merge them ?

My idea was to do excel application scope for both excel files and read column, is there an easier way through datatables merge?

yes read them with Excel application scope and transform them as you want by using datatable.
At the send, write the datatable in a Excel file

I tried this:

And it throws an error everytime the program cannot find the sheet. Am I doing it in the correct way? I want the robot to conitnue with reading sheets if he canot find a specific sheet

could help you out

Unfortunately this doesn’t work anymore…

just check how you can read all sheets, not to pickup the code like this

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It helped!
One more question - how do i assign values in the datatable so the robot “knows” that the document name in cell A1 corresponds to document name in B1?

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