Apollo Orchestrator

When I try to run a process with “ProcessName” in Apollo Orchestrator it says “Command sent for ProcessName” . Then i need to run in in Uipath Assistant. Why is it not running from Orchestrator? Please help me understand. Thanks a lot!

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Hey @A_Learner

Kindly show us how did you trigger it exactly…


In my working folder, under automation, selected the process and clicked on start

You cannot initiate an Process from Orchestrator for an Attended Robot. This was restrcited a few versions ago as it would create a risk and potential inconvenience for end users.

Process on an attended Robot are invoked directly from Assistant.

If you want/need to kick off a process from Orchestrator on the same User/Machine that you are using, you need to also configure your user’s robot with an Unattended Runtime/Robot Credentials in the User’s Profile.

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Thank you!

Can someone please direct me to good Orchestrator tutorial that covers all the concepts of Orchestrator other than Uipath academy? Thanks much,

I believe your best [up-to-date] resources are going to be UiPath Academy along with the Community on this forum, many of which have written Topics or Videos posted in the News > Tutorials Category as well as peppered through out the forums as replies to existing topics.

I personally love learning and subscribe to half-dozen or more service geared in the learning space some are generic like PluralSight, Oreilly, etc. that cover a number of topics and others or other that cater to a specific audience like A Cloud Guru or HyperSkill

The challenge with other learning platforms [in no particular order] Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, PluralSight, etc. mainly the ones who cater to a large audience or rely on 3rd party instructors for content is that if they have content in a niche space like RPA (Although it is gaining a foothold in some regards) but more specific to a particular platform Blue Prism Vs UiPath vs Resolve vs … is that A) There isn’t a lot of content unless there is demand B) The content that some have created is not kept up to date.

As an example when I search “UiPath” on PluralSight, I get a single result published June 2021 on RPA with UiPath: Getting Started. So while it was “recent-ish” it’s still a few version behind the latest release and probably doesn’t cover what you are looking for Orchestator.

LinkedIn Learning has a few more course, primarily aimed at Studio and designing workflows… but I don’t see anything released after 2019 and I don’t see anything specific to Orchestrator though some of them may touch on it in some regard.

There are users both part of this community and out that post videos to their YouTube channels for examples and they vary in quality and content. So I think I would still come back to my first point that the best resource at this time with how fast the industry and UiPath specifically is releases new features is right here in the Community (Forum / Slack), Academy, and Documentation.

Thanks for the pointers!!

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I wanted to point out this new Blog post that was released earlier today as it related to learning. I haven’t looked into it fully myself but seems like a pretty good partnership to explore.

Couple links I pulled out of the post