APIs - Filter Queue Items to folders

Hi, can’t see this listed anywhere before so thought I should ask.

I want to use APIs to assign reviewers to exceptions. I therefore need to use the GET QueueItems API then use the POST SetItemReviewer. My issue is that I have queues in multiple folders (eg Production and Test), and just want the ones from Production and it’s subfolders. What filter do I need to use for this?

I think I can figure out the “in review” filter.


Hi @TJ_automates

So You can use Key for that…so that the queue is identified uniquely


I don’t want unique queues, I want all queues with the folder. Can I use organisation unit ID?


Yes you can use folder id

or you can use getqueuesfromallfolders and then filter the json with only required folder and then get queue items for only those queues in a loop