API's and Page Units

Hi Everyone,

Dream scenario, I am alerted when I am coming towards the end of my page bundle.

To figure out how I could have this happen I have gone into the API documentation to try set something up that can check, then alert me if X criteria is met. Unfortunately I cant see anything that can do it.

I know I can go to the admin tab and check under Licenses, but if our agents forget then we could be stuck without pages until the purchase request goes through.

Does anyone else have any ideas?


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Hey @jordanhaggett

What does the page units mean here, please


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Hi there @jordanhaggett,
I hope you are well - Long time/no speak!
(Assuming you are the Jordan Haggett I am thinking of).

There is a call available for Get Host License information, but I have not reviewed the information it provides - Might be worth taking a look (if you have not already).

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Hello again,
Just checked - It does not :frowning:

Maybe one to post as a suggestion, only showcases Studio licenses (of differing flavours).
Apologies and thanks once again,


HI @Nithinkrishna!

Thanks for your response, so by page units I am talking about the amount of pages you have available to send to document understanding.

You can buy bundles of 40k and more, I would love to be warned as I approach the end of that 40k

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Haha @Mr_JDavey! Good to hear from you, lets catch up soon!

I have checked out the license for another similar warning mechanism, Ill see what I can find! Let me know if you come across anything.

Thanks for responding!

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Just in case anyone else is looking for an answer on this and cant find anything. I have ended up at this document online.

At the bottom its pretty clear there doesnt seem to be anything you can call to retrieve the number of pages you have left at this time (Jan 2022). Thanks anyway though!

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