Api Rest, dev version without SSL

Hi all!, I’m trying at the moment some of the features of UiPath, for a “demostration”, and run into some issues, at this moment the company have 3 api on production

  • Get Token
  • Get Data (thanks to the token)
  • Write the Data

and work just fine they all have their SSL, etc. but the Dev versions (the ones that I’m trying to use with UiPath), don’t really have SSL (or at least I dont think they have) so the robot throw me an SS/TLS error every time I try to access them.
(I’m ussing the HTTP Request activity)

the thing is, we need to access the dev version to do the demostration (on Postman we can just turn off the SSL verification), so I was wondering if there is some sort of configuration that we can do in order to access API with SSL/TSL issues

I appreciate any halp