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Got this instruction for making some API requests (Building API Requests).
This works great with one parameter requests, and requests without “space” symbol, like this:

But there is no result when i try to use requests with “space” symbol, like this:
‘***/odata/RobotsLogs?$top=2&$orderby=CreationTime asc’. I tried to change it with +, and %20 - nothing happens. With wich symbol or combination of them i must replace it? Or may be there is another problem?

Thank you!

I haven’t tried this with UiPath but have used %5E as way to include other parameters in a api call

or try to add &order_by=asc or sort_by=asc(CreationTime)


Swagger info

Not working.

same result

I found the problem. I tried to sort (order) by a parameter CreationTime. But there is no parameter with this name in result row, that i can get via this API call. The correct request with php+curl is here:

Also do not forget to use “+” instead of whitespaces.

If you need to orderby with any parameter - first check what parameter you can use, by analyzing json. Here is example (red arrows):

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