Api Query

Hii everyone,

My requirement is instead of UI, I want to use Api of an application (Redmine) and send the data through the Api itself.

Is it possible using Uipath
Please help me out with this

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Hi @supu123,

Have you tried with the existing activities ?

Try searching UiPath.Web.Activities in the manage packages and use HTTP request and check if it works

Hello @supu123
Following link might help you.:slightly_smiling_face:


But Http doesnot require API Key

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Sorry, I’m not getting this… API key you want to pass to the request?

Hii @HareeshMR

I want to use this Api access key of redmine and report the defect

How to do in uipath

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Hi @supu123,

You have multiple options to login or authenticate to a URL or REST API. That entirely depends on the rest services provided by the web application. If Redmine supports the rest URL along with the API key same as google, you need to pass API key along with the URL to perform any task. If the application needs the Credentials or OAuth1 authentication or even OAuth2 authentication, we need to pass the same as it requires.

So please make sure that what are URL types and parameters required to use the redmine API …

Hi @supu123,

I found something for authentication for redmine application,


Have you gone throught this?