API on cloud vs on permise

Hi all is there any kind of documentation regarding differences between cloud and on permise API?

I found out that my API query which is working perfectly on cloud version when moved to on permise model return empty table, what is more interesting they have same syntax and endpoint. Also when I’m testing it from on permise via swagger API return full table - my user have admin role.

The problematic API call is the one which is fetching tasks from task catalog.

Also other API calls contains little difference in response syntax like additional elements @odata etc.

So dear UiPath team when we will get more detailed documentation for your API? :wink:


Hi @Mikolaj_Zielinski,
I asked the team for proper information about it. Hopefully you will get response asap :slight_smile:


Check your endpoint as for cloud has to be in format : cloud.uipath.com/[account]/[tenant]/odata vs [orchestratorURL]/odata. So for onprem just the base url of Orchestrator is needed.

Also you can use [your_on_prem_url]/swagger/index.html to test queries.


Also, on permis API which is retrieving All tasks won’t show external tasks (/odata/Tasks) but when used on cloud version it returns external (generic tasks) and normal tasks. Should the user get any additional role to see all of them?

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endpoint is correct - i have it from swagger :slight_smile:

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What version of onprem are you using? Keep in mind that Cloud is always our latest version and might have features/functionality not present on the onprem.

How do you authenticate for onprem?

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I have now 2020.10 orchestrator - and authenticate via login and password of admin user.

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@Mikolaj_Zielinski, /odata/Tasks is the API which returns Tasks from only Classic folders and considers user’s tenant level permissions.
If you want all types of tasks across both classic as well as modern folders then you can use these two APIs, in these APIs user’s granular permissions on each modern folder are also considered.


I will try it tomorrow :wink:

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Worked, thank you - but my question is why 0data/tasks worked on cloud and not on permis - is there a structural change?

Hi @Mikolaj_Zielinski, I checked on onprem again and I do see both External and Form tasks from classic folder being returned by odata/Tasks. The only requirement here is that the calling user should have tenant level task permissions since odata/Tasks works only on classic folders.

If you have a Create External Task activity call in your workflow whose tasks are not showing up in the response of odata/Tasks can you please share a demo workflow with such a call? We can try to debug and see why it does not show up.

for example MyFoldrs file
API.zip (139.4 KB)

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