API is 1000% slower in version 2021.10.1


I have a problem with API speed after updating to Orchestrator version 2021.10.1.

Previously, we ran an older version of 2018/19 (I’m not sure) and had our own desktop application for managing robots / logs / jobs (in short, the desktop Orchestator).
At Christmas we updated to 2021.10.1 and the application started to run about 800%-1000% slower.

What could be the difference / problem compared to the older version of the API?

Thank you for answer.

The application runs through the Orchestrator API.


Hey - we’re seeing similar issues, where we upgrading Orchestrator to 2021 from 2019 at Christmas.

Since then, all API calls/responses are taking considerably longer, and sometimes timing out completely.

No solution as yet

I haven’t noticed any performance degradation after the 2020->2021 update. Anyone from UiPath could confirm that such an issue is exists ?

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Anyone? The problem still persists.