API filtering on logs not working

I’m trying to filter the logs on message but none of my attempts seems to work.

A simple query on level like this works perfectly: UiPath

Same for JobKey but I need to lose the single quotes: odata/RobotLogs?%24filter=jobkey%20eq%2012345-6789-1234-abcd-123456789

But when I filter on Message it completely ignores the filter: odata/RobotLogs?%24filter=message%20eq%20’Application%20start’. Also without quotes it complains that: “Invalid OData query options.”. Same applies to RawMessage.

Preferably I actually use startswith how that has the same problem as above: odata/RobotLogs?%24filter=startswith(message%2C%20’Application%20start’)

Any idea why this isn’t working?

Hi @mschuurman

It would seem like filtering by the values of the RawMessage is not currently supported.

I will save your feedback for our team to consider for future releases.

Not just the rawmessage, but also the message field filtering doesn’t work.