Api Edge / Url Id change every time

i want to use edge api, for that i need to write the url but the ID in the url change every time how can i do to let the bot understand that is the good url ?

URL 1 : https://XXXX/index.php?lg=0&nav=preformulaire&id=6bf15269458a01d7e9a478ae0c7779cc&warning_panier=1

URL 2 : https://XXXX/index.php?lg=0&nav=preformulaire&id=a6bfb229d5c20a549e6c6839a22dae1a&warning_panier=1

Different url but the same page after login

Hi @Soudios,

I guess the ID in between is a verification token made so you can’t navigate here directly. If you have an authorization service that can issue you this token, you must first run it to get an ID and locate it there.


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Kindly explain the business case more in detail please… ?

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I want to use the browser UI activity, for that I have to insert the url so that the robot can work on it, using the “UI click” activities ect…

With the classic function I don’t need to enter the url but with the UI browser activity I have to do it.

The problem is that the id that is in url after the identification changes each time while it is the same page after the authentication

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how can i use the token ?

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Still it’s not bit clear for me my bad sorry for that.

You want to navigate to a URL without UI interaction?

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Yeah, so I don’t think thats edge’s api considering the site is built on php.

Said that, I don’t think that id is a token but a unique identifier generated by the application on redirection that will eventually be tied to a formulary after being sent. Have you tried just sending just the core url https://xxxx/index.php or https://xxxx/

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Helo @Soudios

If you are trying to open a url using Use Browser Activity, please make sure the url is static.
Else if you trying to reach that page after some login or some kind of token generation then start your process from the base url. Then this issue willnot happen.

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  • Navigate to the base URL
  • Allow user to login, If the site auto logs in there’s nothing to do here
  • After the user is logged in, the URL should change to contain the ID.
  • Read in the url of the browser, use preferred method to parse out the ID (Regex if you need a suggestion)
  • Assign the parsed ID into a variable, then use it in the URL for your next actions.

https://xxxx/ is working but i need to close every time the page otherwise i can confuse between 2 pages

when i do that its opening a new page but the solution can work also

Since the browser is already open, You’d want to change your activity to “navigate to” or “Type into” and select the URL area.

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