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I have never done a API call before and I have been tasked with this task but have no idea what I’m doing. I have the end point URL for the Database but I’m not sure what the client certificate and client password is or how to obtain one. I run the preview with just the end point and get the status code: 0. Could somebody explain what the Client certificate and password is and how I would run a preview and get a preview of the data? Is the client certificate in the form of a URL?

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See for an API call, in general, we need few things to perform,

  1. Endpoint URL
  2. Authentication Parameters
  3. Request Headers/Body
  4. Response

It’s not like you need all those as listed above, It will be based on the scenario and the request type.

For your reference, you can go through below

Now coming to how in UiPath, we can achieve an API call by means of HTTP activity

So, as you can see in the above image…

  1. Endpoint is the URL - which you already figured out
  2. Client certificate & client password - Authentication method ( you can use this too )
  3. Request method - Whether you are going to get something or post data to server & others
  4. Accept response - The response type you are accepting like JSON, XML etc…
  5. Parameters - This is where you send or retrieve some data to/from the server respectively using various channels like URL, body, headers.
  6. Authentication - You can choose your authentication type and specify the required parameters for the same.

So where can you find all these is like the docs of the specific API you are trying to use.

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Is it a public API? If so, what is the endpoint? Is there documentation of any sort?

If it is internal, then you should ask the owner of the API for documentation. That should tell you how you authenticate, what methods are available, provide a sample call & response, etc.

Each API is different, so it’s impossible to give specific advice without knowing more about the API you’re using.

I have the client endpoint and when I run the preview to see if there is a connection I get the status code:0. Is this telling me that the URL I have is not communicating? If it is communication i should get the status code:200?

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This means there is no response either timed out or end point is invalid.


I keep getting the status code:0, I’m starting to think the URL is not the correct URL. I shouldn’t need a password or credentials to see if the URL is communicating? I just just be able to add the URL in the end point and click preview to see if they are communicating?

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Try accessing the URL once from your browser.

And there is no need for username and password just to check endpoint. If authentication fails because of username and password it should be a 401 status saying unauthorized.

So basically the issue is not with username or password.

It may be with the URL itself or the network.

So kindly check

Thanks :slight_smile:

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