API Authentication Token Error

Getting below error while getting authentication Token
Status Code:405
“message”: “Invalid request!”,
“errorCode”: 1415,
“traceId”: “00-ad9b1cf6e598f15dc57a084d1ab6d2b8-bde81f722e1ac59b-00”
Can anyone please help me with this


Which activity is it?

If it is orchestrator http request …then you dont need to authenticate

Also if you are using http request then the end point must be the complete endpoint and not relative


@Anil_G Do you have any video of how to create api trigger for process


Do you want to do it from studio?

If yes primarily you can try using start job activity

If not let me know I can give you guidence of api as well

Also for started swagger will help you in understanding the payload required and endpoint for start job



@Anil_G i want to create in orchestrator or need to check with swagger. if you have any documentation please share
Thank you


Swagger is the documentation please check the same


Where i can find inboxId for swagger job trigger?