API Authentication-TenancyName not available

Hi Team,

My client has 2018 version of the orchestrator. to trigger the jobs in orchestrator i am using API calls to authenticate, get robotid and start job.

To authenticate i dont have the tenancy name. Please help me how to achieve authentication without tenancyname?

Or please let me know how to obtain the tenancyname.

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Hi @Devi_Raji

Wouldn’t you need that tenant name anyway to log in to your Orchestrator?

No.We are using WIndows authentication

I think one must have tenancy name to login to the cloud or atleast the admin will have the tenant name @Devi_Raji

Whatever may be the authentication type you are using, you will have the individual tenant name to login. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you will have the tenant name in the URL itself when you login to browser.

Can you please confirm if it is deployed in IIS or any other server?

Hi @Devi_Raji - The default tenant name is “default”. You can follow below steps to find tenant name :

  • Login to Orchestrator manually
  • On top right corner, click on the initials of your name.
  • Go to profile.
    You should have tenancy name here.

It is deployed in IIS server.

But since we are using windows authentication, we dont need to authenticate as a first step to start job in orchestrator using API.

Directly we can perform the steps post authentication like getting the releasekey and starting jobs, getting the status , and etting the robot logs.