API active directory authentication and list of queues

Hello, two questions regarding API,

  1. Is it possible to authenticate via the Active directory? or am I automatically authenticate when I’m working from a profile that is added to the orchestrator?

  2. Is there any method to get the list of queues (names) from the orchestrator? any API or activity which is returning a list of them?

Hi @Mikolaj_Zielinski

I am not cleared with your first question

For your second yes there is an orchestrator api call for this


Nived N

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Hey, I think my orchestrator swagger is from an older version and that is why I could not found it thank you :slight_smile:

Regarding 1st question, currently, I know that I can get a bearer token with a user name and password (on permits)

But I was wondering how to not use the “Orchestrator HTTP Request” activity which all these data saved in setting file and instead of this authenticate myself thanks to active directory user. The idea is that my user is in the same AD as the server with orchestrator - I know that some tools allow to login via Azure and stuff like this.

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