Anyway to Extract Headings in Heading Style from Word to List of String?

I have a 1000+ pages DOCX document with headings well styled in “Heading 1”, “Heading 2”, etc…

Is there any activity that I can use to extract them into List of String ?

And is there any way that I can split the document by Heading 1 into separated DOCX files?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @scheng ,

Could you Provide a Sample Word File and the Expected Output Files for this Sample?

We can get cleared on the missing requirements in this way.

@supermanPunch Sure.

This is a sample of what i got on hand where “Description” and “Properties” are in Heading 1 Style and “File”, “Common”, “Misc”, “Options” are in Heading 2 Style

I would have a List of String like this.


if possible, i would like to split the document into separated files according to Heading 1 like this as well.