Anyother than excel

I have raised a question here
*Is there anyother automation similar to excel automation

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Welcome to our UiPath community.

Sorry didn’t get you. Can you tell little bit more for better understanding.

Hi @Crazy_Deepak_3657
Could you elaborate your requirement

Basically there are different automations

UI ( front end )
API(Back end)


@Crazy_Deepak_3657 Other than excel it can automate

  • Web Applications
  • Windows desktop Applications
  • PDF Automation
  • Citrix Automation (RDP)
  • Data Entry
  • Database
  • Mainframe Applications
  • Mobile Automation (Android)

Hello @Crazy_Deepak_3657 ,

Please elaborate on your automation requirement here. UiPath is capable of doing automation for most of the environments like Web,Desktop,citrix,mainframe etc and different documents like excel,pdf,csv,word,xml etc…

If you are looking for test automation, that is also possible with UiPath. It will be clear if you can elaborate your requirement.