Anyone who have worked with Abbyy using UiPath

Hi, Anyone who have worked on Abbyy using the UiPath. I have some question to ask

  1. How to configure Abbyy with UiPath
  2. How to define the template
  3. How to use the whole process

Can someone share the defined template, It would be a great help.

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Hello @balkishan,

There are basically two options:

  1. Configure Abbyy to export the results from the documents into a ‘Hot Folder’ and later you may get those results from a XML or XLSX file.
  2. Use the FlexiCapture Connector available on Go:

as @acaciomelo mentioned i have worked in the first way, for that to use you should have ABBYY flexiCapture studio and project set up station installed in any of your machines, hence bot will save the files which needs to be processed in Hot folder,

For every 30 sec, Abbyy server will keep checking for files in hot folder and it will automatically process you can get the results in excel or XML or from data base.

in ABBYY flexi capture you should create template and once it is done in project set up station you have to create document definition once this is done you have to publish the DD to the server and set up table/Excel files.


Hi @Divyashreem @acaciomelo can I download the trial version of Abbyy Flexi Capture Studio and all it’s product which required to OCR with UiPath integration.

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you can request to Abbyy people for Trail version that will be based on your company and you will get trail for 100 documents with 1 month duration.


@acaciomelo Thanks so much for the quick response.

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