Anyone try the Box.Com connector in 20.4 Studio?

I am trying to work with the connector. Everything in the documentation seems to work until I try to execute the Box Scope. Getting “System.AggregateException” as well as

Message: Type ‘Box.V2.Exceptions.BoxException’ cannot be serialized. Consider marking it with the DataContractAttribute attribute, and marking all of its members you want serialized with the DataMemberAttribute attribute. If the type is a collection, consider marking it with the CollectionDataContractAttribute. See the Microsoft .NET Framework documentation for other supported types.

Exception Type: System.Runtime.Serialization.InvalidDataContractException

Not sure if things have changed in Box and/or Studio since 19.4 and when the Box connector was released

Hi @mikefannon,

I tried the Box Activities in a new project in Studio 2020.4.0-beta.472 and everything looks fine.

You could be in the same situation as in this post - UiPath Box Connector. The Authorization Code is valid for only one request, after that you need to use the Refresh Token. You have an example on how to do that in the link.


@Silviu I tried to find your Box Connector on the UiPath Marketplace ( , but it looks like it was removed. I see that we can still add the package through studio, but I was wondering if there is a reason why it was removed from the marketplace?

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Hi @tlano,
The Box Connector was temporarily removed from the Marketplace because of a legal situation and it will be available again once the situation is clarified.



Hi @Silviu, could you give us an estimate of when it will be available again?

Hi @cheez_RPA, unfortunately I don’t have an estimate for when it will be back.

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The Box Connector is now replaced with the package UiPath.Box.Activities available in the Official package feed in Studio.

You can find more information on how to use it here: and here Box Integration Activities - Now in Public Preview!

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I am getting this error while trying to upload file in the box

it seems you (or authentication you got) don’t have enough privileges for uploading.