Anyone know how can I using regex separe numbers 1 digit and 2 digits:


in the next text I want to separe 1, 6 and 16.

The purchase of 1 software creation, 6 consulting services and 16 computers was successful.

But i only can separe 1, 6, 1 and 6. OR only 16.

(?=[^\d]\d){1} it will give you 1digit only and (?=[^\d]\d){2} it will give you 2 digit you can use with ismatches activity

@Goncalo_Leite1 My understanding is you want to extract the numbers from the statement. If it so try with the below regex exp. Attached workflow for ref. If this is not the requirement please explain the actual one (2.8 KB)

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches(Input, "\d+")
  • Input is the string variable with the statement



Worked for me, but I have to use a activity “Matches”.

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