Anyone here have automation on Foxlogger tracking?

Hi, has anyone use Foxlogger API to get JSON Value in automation before?

Is it possible to get the JSON value from the foxlogger itself? I’m currently new to automation and wanna know about API and getting json value from API.

Hey @Rhys18

When I Googled it there are a lot of foxlogger it shows.

Could you please share some link to check it ?

And In general of they have APIs consider it’s doable.


Can we even get the API considering it’s a GPS and it’s containing sensitive data information?

For example I tried to get one of the data from 1 customer and I receive Request 404, meanwhile there’s a data inside it.

404 usually means the link for API you use is something wrong.

Also, yes GPS is just an info with numbers so that should not be a problem to be used with API.

And please share us link on the platform you are referring !

Do you mean link like this? 00:00:00&time2=2022-07-29 00:00:00&id=80739&param=

Okay I solved it. It needs police number for the GPS and it’s working.

Cool buddy, Thanks for sharing the solution to the community.

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