Anyone here have any experience automating within TMW software (Trimble transportation management systems)

Just want to see if anybody has done it before and if it’s possible using UiPath with TMW. I attempted to use UiPath in TMW earlier but it doesn’t seem to recognize any elements in TMW. It just sees one .exe file whenever I use a click event anywhere in the application.

Hi @Kurtis_Yoder

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Feel free to share some screenshots of the application to give us an idea of how the fields look like. For example, if it is a Java app, you could try installing the Java plugin:

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That’s what the application looks like. The app is opened from Citrix if that makes any difference and the application runs on an app server.

And yes it is a Java application and I just installed the Java plugin but it’s still doing what it had done previously.

Could you still try different UI Frameworks available here:

And by pressing F4 when during capturing of your selector.

It still doesn’t recognize any components within the application just that a window exists.

Unfortunately, sometimes a legacy app can be problematic to work with. One more option would be to use the Computer Vision activities to try and see if it can recognize the elements of the interface based on some intelligent image recognition.