Anyone have the process of Exercice 1 LEVEL 3 in Uitpath Academy plz?

Anyone have the process of Exercice 1 LEVEL 3 in Uitpath Academy plz ?

Hi @Soudios

What is the problem that you are facing in the assignment?

I don’t think anyone will provide samples like that my friend… So please try it out, and let us know the problem that you are facing so the experts here can help you to get it resolved :slight_smile:

Invokeworkflow file doesn’t work

This error is coming because you have not included the secure credential dependency in your solution…

So what you can do is,

Go to package manager from the top ribbon of the studio, and search for


Install that into your solution and you will be good to go :slight_smile:

ok thank you it works, but now i have this : (is it normal ?)


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yes… it is normal…

What happens in the get Credential workflow is this…

if you open the workflow and check, first it will check whether you have provided a credential asset which it can obtain the credentials from the Orchestrator.

that’s what happens in the first get Credential activity in that.

if that is not available, it will try to get the credentials from your windows credential manager. if the credentials are available there, it will get it from there without any issue. However, if it cannot find the credentials there as well, then it has no choice other than prompting that window to you so that you can enter the credentials.

Once you enter, that data will be stored in the windows credential manager and the next time onwards, it will not show you that screen because the data is available for it to extract :slight_smile:

make sense?


Yes thank you, but how i can connect credential in orchestrator plz ??

Please go through the Orchestrator Course in the academy, then you can understand it much easier.

Can’t find can you help me plz ?

Go to the academy and join this course…


But i don’t know how to connect studio with orchestrator


Please go through this course… It explains how to do it in detail steps

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I did it but it doesn’t work for me :slight_smile:

Please go through the course again.

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