Anyone aware of ACME System1 Address has been change today!

Hi, I’m trying to finish Assignment2 for Academy but, i notice that there is a change on System1’s URL from to So, how to update all of process/sequence selector(s) to reflect this change at once without opening each process/activitys and manual update it. Thank for you reply.


Two options for you :

Use the universal search bar added in studio 2017 i think. You can check all the occurences of the there and navigate to the activity then change them.

Use notepad++ to open all the xaml files then replace the to

You can also just remove the url from the selector by using the omit feature

I dont understand however where do you have the URL hardcoded in your selectors normally

Second of all you dont really need to change it since redirects automatically to acme-test

Kind regards, sorry for the long answer

Mandoc Cosmin


You might have used Config file. For such type of changes only we have that file you will have to change this in config file only. And even if you are using this will redirect you to new url itself

I rather use option2, thank

i’m highlight URL on selector, so need to update as config(“System1_URL”).

I do not think there would be an affect of URL on selector unless title is changed. For opening a browser or attaching one you can change the same from Config file