Anyone automate the postman application?

Hi , I am trying to automate the postman application , but it’s slectors are not stable , tried to use the anchor base , attach window , desktop recording , but nothing is working ,.

Can you please help , how to proceed in this situation


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I’m having the same problem with Postman, ui elements not working

Same problem here :frowning:

I’ve tried both by element and by image techniques and somehow it’s still not working, I keep getting timeouts.

I’m trying a different approach instead and gonna use the UiPath.WebAPI library…

Hi @Plasmadrake, @L_u_Nam, @anil3 guys,

After seeing this post I have tried to automate postman. It works very well.
May I know in which part you guys find difficulty. So that I can help you to resolve the Issue.:innocent:

I have done simple get request in Postman. It works well.

Happy Automation:innocent:

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Actually click and Type into took some time than usual like 2 to 3 seconds.:sweat_smile:

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