Any way to return a TRUE value in this situation?


I have an extracted data table put together from a data scrape of elements that are arranged neatly in a grid onscreen. The last column of the table is usually blank but sometimes contains icon buttons (note, it never contains any actual text).

Is there a way I can iterate through the data table and somehow return a TRUE value if an icon is present. Something like

For each row in extracted data table
if row.item(7).contains(INFO ICON) then…

If I could somehow ask UIPath to distinguish particular icons that would be even more preferable.

As far as I can tell, the icons themselves have no selectors which would easily allow me to uniquely identify them (but, I am pretty much a beginner with all of this…)


By your description, assuming if cell is not blank it is icon

Not String.IsNullOrWithSpace(row(7).ToString)

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Thanks, after doing a bit more research, I am wondering if there may be a better solution.

So, it turns out each icon does have a different selector name. The selector for the icon i’m looking for looks like this:

webctrl id=‘view’ tag=‘FRAME’
webctrl id=‘Generic_icon’

Note, the bold number in the above is random on each row (but is always in descending order).

Would there be a way to do something like this:

For Each Row of Extracted Datatable
If Selector <webctrl id=‘Generic_icon’ for that row exists (it might not always exist)
Then run some code

Try if Get-Attribute activity can help

I had looked into that too; but, I just couldn’t find anything to latch on to. I ended up finding a completely different workaround to this.

Thanks for the help!