Any way to get Asset type?

In thinking about Config files and the Assets sheet, there is a deficiency because you can’t put Credentials Assets onto the Assets sheet.

Is there a way to check the type of an Asset by name? IE an activity that would return text, bool, integer, or credential from a given Asset name?

Then you could branch with a Switch and handle each type of Asset differently.

So far I haven’t found a direct way to do it but if you do Get Asset against a name that is a Credentials Asset it’ll give this error:


I assume you could catch that and look at the Message to figure out it’s a Credentials Asset.

Until you upgrade something and the error message changes…

Was just about to post to say, you can do it by first trying to grab it as an asset, catching the specific error then using credential, thats how we do it.

You could also do some API calls to determine it, but that seems unneccessary.

would use the ORC Rest API refer to the fields: name and ValueType