Any way to block Inbox folder while robot is running on it?


There is any possible way to disable the the usage of an mail inbox while the robot is using it for other users, or to alarm the user to not modify the received mails while the robot is running?


How often does your robot work? Maybe it is possible to change logic in your code. :slight_smile:

Thank you but it is not

Hi @Andrei_Croitoru

I think that this is not possible, a better way should be to create a dedicated folder for the robot, and move all the corresponding emails to this folder

or send an email before the automation start telling the people that your automation will be running


It is a dedicated folder but the workers are also using it and i do now know the time when they are on it.

Are you getting any error when executing the automation?

Yes, because the e-mail is moved or deleted and i can not interact with it at the final of the automation when the robot should move it.

Well, just giving my opinion when we build automations, we should ensure that the enviroment is dedicated to the robot (when running unattended automations) so in your case you should figure out any solution with your co-workers in order to run the automation in a stable enviroment, or else make an attended automation that your co-workers could run when the inbox folder is free to work

This is true, but i received this requirements like this. :frowning: I do not have expectations from UiPath to help me with this problem, but i am open for any idea or hint :slight_smile:

Ideally we should ask for an special folder that we can work with the automation without affecting the mates work, or run the automation when they aren’t working (like night), so the email will move in both cases, day with workers and in the night with the automation


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Some ideas:

a. Set the email’s category to “Robot”, so that people working with the emails know robot is working on it.
b. Move the email to a dedicated subfolder (called “Robot” for instance). You can move it back to whatever folder archive folder needed after processing.