Any solution for extracting data from Agenda's?

Hi developers,

I would like to know if the following process can be automated in Uipath. It’s about the following: I have two agendas. Agenda 1 is the input for agenda 2.

Is it possible that all appointments from agenda 1 extract to agenda 2 including those involved in the appointment, the subject and time (start-end time). The reason for automation is because it takes too much effort to copy each appointment 1 by 1.

I would love to hear from you if this process can be automated and of course how. Thanks in advance.

Hello @Osman_Aslam

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Your process looks interesting. However, to say whether this is possible or not, I would like to know more information. What type of application are you using to input and store the agenda 1 and 2?

From where the data is coming from to enter into the agenda’s?

Are these web applications or desktop applications?

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando.

Thank you for your response and help! Below some more information:

Outlook agenda offers export function to read agenda 1. Now I have the data from agenda 1 in excel. From Excel I want the data from agenda 1 directly to the Outlook agenda 2 or perhaps to an excel sheet that provides input for Agenda 2 in outlook.

Btw, I am only a level 1 developer so all information is welcome.

Thanks! :slight_smile: