Any Possibility to Reach Out or connect with the publisher of custom activity package in uipath

I need to connect with publisher of custom activity package. Is there any possibility to reach or contact the publisher of custom activity package in UiPath. If so can you please tell me the way so that I can connect with them to get the solution for my issue.
Can you please provide any solution for the above issue i am facing @Palaniyappan

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Hmm I don’t think so we can connect with the person who built unless he is not from ur known circle
May be u can try to use it and u can share here in forum and we will glad to guide you

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @Chakravarthi_Koppuravuri

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Will keep posted if I get to know any update on this
But if it’s clarified would recommend to close this post


Depends on the package.

  • If its published on UiPath marketplace, in some cases there is mentioned support/contact information.
  • If it’s published by an UiPath forum member, you can try to reach the publisher by a personal message.
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I have found that custom package in market place but i didn’t find any contact information regarding the publisher of that package @efelantti .

Thank you for the suggestion.

One small doubt, if I raise support ticket for this can i get any solution from UiPath Support team?

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Ofcourse they can guide on your need @Chakravarthi_Koppuravuri

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@Palaniyappan what is the UiPath package for which you are requesting the info?
If it’s from the marketplace, please also share the link for the component listing.