Any other activity package to read csv except excel package?

is there any other activity package to read csv file and store in data table other than 'Excel Activities Package’ ?


Hi @mohininemade301094

You could use a simple Read Text File activity to read it (it’s a text file under the hood). You could then use the Generate Data Table activity to convert the delimited data into a Data Table :slight_smile:

Tried this. But what happening is data in second row of csv is getting splitted in second row and third row. Data is not getting written properly as it was.

Could you have a look at the data itself? Maybe there is an issue in it.

Normally, it would be a simply:


However, if you would have commas in your actual data, then it will get wrongly interpreted as new columns:


Yes it does have “,” inbetween like your example.

My first row, first column of csv is blank and so activity is not able to read.
But for other csvs same data is getting read.
Thats why finding some other activity package. It is “Read csv” activity issue that it throws error of invalid format if empty lines at start or like I said first row first column empty.

Actually, it seems to be the input data issue here. The activity will just read the data exactly as it is programmed to do. It is really tricky. What I could suggest is to try to fix the input data before it reaches that point.

If possible, how about saving the file in other format, such as Excel?

Actually needs to upload file somewhere and excel is not accepted there. Only csv type can be.