Any limitation on windows update?

I would like to ask is there any limitation on windows updates will cause conflict between windows and (orchestrator or robot)?


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Check for this doc


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There is always a chance that an OS update is going to interfere with your os/software/application/services. A good practice is to have multiple environments on which you can perform any required smoke tests of your installation and/or automated processes depending on how critical each component is.

In our organization, we perform patching on a monthly cycle of which is separated into dev/test, preproduction, and production. This cycle allows for individual groups to assess any issues at each stage including but not limited to core functionality and performance. If a particular update is causing issue it can be identified and blacklisted or weighed against the benefit/risk based on criticality of the patch until the cause of any symptoms is determined / fixed before making its way into production.



Thank you.

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