Any idea for new players?


Hello kind-hearted Uipathers,

New Uipather here.
Anyone here provide some topic/idea/resource for the practice of Uipath?

Kindly let me give a brief introduction of the background.
Thare are 3 members including me who are going to join Uipath development project in 2 weeks.
At this point, nobody here has experience for Uipath and we are currently trying to pass Uipath foundation acadamy.
Indeed, the certification can prove how good we mastered Uipath foundation but we are still requested by customers to develop SOMETHING with Uipath.
It does not matter what “SOMETHING” is, any idea with normal difficulty(foundation practice level) would be really appreciated.
We 3 new Uipathers will try our best to develop based on your idea.

Thanks in advance!!


:astonished: wating for the miracle reply:thinking::thinking:


Hi there @yangbo,
Do you have access to any client-based systems?

Generally, for a POT (Proof Of Technology), we will build a little process that interfaces with a system of their choosing.

Alternatively, you could do something similar to the below:

  • Read a Spreadsheet of Users (FirstName, Surname)
  • Write that data into a dummy webform, outputting a GUID
  • Submit that GUID into a second dummy webform, with a confirmation message

It would be stupendously simple, but you can use it to demonstrate in air-gapped environments, as the form data would be local.

Thanks once again,


if you have already started foundation training, the assignments in the training are really best one to learn, and if you want the real time scenario’s you can try the advance certification assignment, if you the basics properly advance will take a week to complete and you can become pro :wink: cheers and all the best :smile:



Cant thank you enough for the comment.Especially with those details!

Will discuss with my team members to find some client-based systems.
One of my team members mentioned he wants to develop something like retrieving data from website since it seems funny so we are looking for some suitable website.

Good day!


Cant agree with you any more, Dicyashreem!!
Actually we have tried the assignments and also think those assignments would be the best, which is neither so difficult nor easy.
Problem is we need to provide something to customer:joy:
Just worrying customers also have done those assignments hahahha

Cheers and all the best!!!


You are the angle!!!
Acutally yesterday I once wanted to send you private msg for some advice becuz I saw you keep posting some helpful info in this community.
I did not do that just becuz, i thought you must be busy.
However you are here and posted:relaxed::kissing_closed_eyes::relaxed::kissing_closed_eyes:
Will check the link!



Here you go, i have mentioned the basics assignments because you specified you are new to UiPath, here you go for a simple process:

  1. Read email with specific subject which has the multiple attachments(.pdf, .xlsx, .txt).
  2. save only PDF files.
  3. read PDF and structured data using build data table,
  4. write the data to excel(which is a template with some macro) with out affecting the macro’s in it. then run the macro to get the final results.


Thanks again for the comment Divyasheem and sorry for the delay in response.
That sounds a nice idea with details and will share and discuss it with my teammates.
(Why there are so many angles in this Community:relaxed::relaxed:)