Any file into PDF

I am creating a robot which gets any files as input, like image, doc, excel, even email. These are the inputs for the robot. What I want is to convert and save all these files into pdf files. Not into one single pdf, but one pdf for each file. Any help how can I achieve this? Thanks!


This is in Excel and Word 2010, but the feature is there in newer versions as well.
You can publish the file to a PDF file.

So you can insert the image into Excel and publish it to a PDF file is you wanted.

The keystroke for version 2010 are "[k(ralt)]fdpa"

So that’s one way.

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Thanks Clayton, but if the input is an image or an email, then how can I convert them into pdf?

You can insert the image or email file (or Body’s text) into Excel or Word. You can also edit the formatting or anything else, then publish it to a PDF file.

I do something like this for a project where I use Excel to insert an image, resize the image, insert a data table, and some other text, then publish to PDF and works great.

That makes sense. Many many thanks Clayton for your help!