Another Way to use SAP Remote Function Calls (RFC) with UiPath



One of the first results, of my contact with UiPath Studio, was the possibility to call SAP remote enabled function modules (RFMs) via PowerShell from UiPath. Now, after one month in deeper contact with UiPath, I know other interesting ways. Here is a small continuation.

At first I build my own NuGet package from the SAP dotNET Connector. I read from @vvaidya the great tip to use the NuGet Package Explorer for that. After a little time of exercise it works very good and easy.

So I build my first NuGet package and add it to my UiPath project.

And on this way I can now use SAP RFC seamlessly in UiPath. Here my first tiny experiment to get some information from the SAP dotNET connector, like Version, PatchLevel and Release.


And it works perfect :grinning:


Wow, I am each day more impressed about the possibilities of UiPath. The seamless integration of SAP RFC offers great possibilities to work with an SAP backend system and ABAP.