Another Orchestator ideas feedback (18 ideas & bug reports)

Let’s face it. Orchestrator is great tool but was evolving in last year and changing often to be robust and so but some of the small pieces that everyone use everyday and are so easy to fix are still … there.

This is my honest Orchestrator feedback/ ideas list

In general, the User Interface is poor and chaotic.

  1. If you are at a folder and you click the folder again it won’t refresh, it will not bring you to home screen of a folder until you click other folder and back or Tenant and back… :crazy_face:

  2. When you are in a Queue or editing an asset, and you want to go back to Folder somewhere else , the Folder menu is gone. Why? :earth_africa:

  3. I have no idea how to check what version of Orchestrator (cloud) I am using. Why is it not somewhere logically (bottom of the page).
    update: It is visible in Admin in Cloud (so only for admins)…

  4. My biggest wish: Please have the name of Queue clickable to view the transactions instead of Three dots–>View transactions.
    Same for the transaction themselves. Why to make it dumb when it can be easier, especially for automation tool that should make our lives easier.

  5. Searching in the logs is not working much properly - it will be good to improve it also to allow using *, " " and ? in searching.

  6. The columns sizes can be only resized to what your screen allows and only bit by bit. It is not convenient.

  7. Allow to use just date and time instead of “…time ago” in Jobs. I am again wasting my time to hover the mouse over the text… Okay for telling me I ordered a burger 7 hours ago, but as a tech tool, it would be lovely to know the exact time straight.

  8. These options to be available on 1 click (hover and click, at least those that are available:

  9. This is more for Automation Cloud → allow to switch organizations from the cloud.

  10. When in Queues - Transaction Items – Single Transaction Item it would be cool to have possibility to walk through the items with arrows Previous – Next (right – left)

PS: Another Studio feedback thread ;) (15 ideas to improve) - #9 by Roman_hruska



Hey, thank you for the feedback, much appreciated! We pushed it to our product management tool and we’ll process these asap (some items are already in the backlog so you might see them “solved” quite fast).

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@Ovidiu_Constantin Thank You a lot!!! :heart: :heart:

  1. When you are in transaction of a Queue, the name of the queue is not visible anywhere :frowning:
    I suggest to be visible just above the Search bar or at least in browser title…

EDIT 06/Nov/2022 - it displays the queue name now! Hoooray! :clap: :slight_smile:

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  1. Login session expires soon so I have to login every day again and go through - password - click the Organization - click tenant name … to get pretty to the same place where I left of yesterday. Can’t it just remember me like any other tools? :wink:

:green_heart: Update: Dec 2022 I have the feeling like I am not facing this issue that much. It id a bit more smooth.

It does, in the url.
If you go to your desired page, and bookmark the full URL including all the url parameters, that is the direct navigation to that tenant, folder, module etc.

Next day: open that url, you are 1st redirected to a login page, and after login you end up at the exact location.

This of course only works if your destination is constant…

Make all colums sortable in all table views.

Why can’t I sort on the other columns?

  1. Queues - when filtering the transactions by Status - sorting by Started and Ended does not work. Just like that. :crying_cat_face:
  • UPDATE - it seems to be working now! :clap:

Hi @Roman_hruska

It Would be better if they add Search option in Finding the version that we publish.

Since it difficult to search iterate over the pages to see the version that is needed to be Rollback or Some version need to used for a specific Process.

Especially While Working in dev Orchestrator.


Praveen Kumar

  1. Searching in Transaction Items (queue Items) only works for beginnings of the “Reference”. but if I want to search for some word inside the “Reference” (not like startswith) it does not work.
    This is tragic :frowning:

Whilst trying to hack point no. 9 … yeah maybe one day…

Few more ideas:

  1. For the transactions in a Queue:
    To keep the pagination hover over the list in the bottom.

    So if I am on top of the list I can still switch the pages.
    Also please consider increasing the maximum Items per page options to maybe 200,500.

  2. Searching in the Queue Items should be more intuitive with possibility to use * and ? and " " (and maybe allow advanced search by value of QueueItem).

  1. Automatic update of process
    (Maybe this exists and I haven’t found it yet)
    But it would be neat to set a process in Orchestrator to auto-update once new package is published.

  2. Log messages to refresh automatically
    Just as that, no need to refresh again and again. It can work same way as you don’t have to refresh the Jobs page. My :computer_mouse: will thank you.